About us

Organic Formula World started when we had our first baby and while searching for a healthy infant formula for our child. 

We quickly discovered that most baby formulas in the United States were produced with corn syrup and other ingredients that weren't ideal for most infants.  Most of the cows that produced the milk weren't necessarily naturally grass fed, but grain fed instead causing indigestion problems for the cow and affecting the nutrition of the milk.  We searched diligently for a safe and healthy formula and discovered that organic formulas produced in Europe were among the safest and had the purest ingredients with cows that roamed green pastures and not fed with GMO grains.  We stock the best organic formulas around the world.  We understand that every baby is different and may have different needs, so we supply a variety of different brands that include Holle, Hipp, Topfer, and Lebenswert.  We also carry specialty formulas in case your child has sensitivity issues and alternatives to cow based formulas such as goat milk.  We hope that you will find that our organic formulas are ideal for your baby's growth.